Fusion Youth Ministry

  1. Model Team Leadership – Demonstrating team leadership by prompting, encouraging and challenging youth leaders to develop and excel in their strengths for the benefit of the team. We can do this by providing networking opportunities where youth leaders will be able to apply their strengths and expertise.

  2. Facilitate Networking – Provide networking opportunities urging youth leaders to share ministry resources, knowledge, and experiences for the productiveness and effectiveness of leadership and ministry.

  3. Encourage Student Development – Edifying, empowering, and equipping students with a passion for Jesus and His mission, godly character through faith and knowledge of the truth, and a deeper, meaningful relationship with God. We can do this through worship, preach, teaching, small groups, activities, leadership training, and ministry opportunities.

  4. Complement the Local Church – We encourage all youth ministries to complement and enhance their local church by supporting and promoting its unique purpose, core values, and vision.